Chronic Condition Support, Reimagined

Trellus Health supports and empowers people living with Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis through the best of technology and human touch to manage their condition with confidence, take charge of their health, and live life to the fullest.

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Personalized Self-Management Programs, Designed by Experts, Proven by Science

Trellus Health is the only patient and provider centric digital health company utilizing a scientifically validated resilience training method that has proven to drive healthy self-management behaviors and improve health outcomes and quality of care at lower cost.

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Connected, Continuous Support Beyond the Clinic

Living with a chronic health condition can be overwhelming and individuals are often left to manage on their own in between doctor visits. Trellus ensures that individuals are supported anytime and anywhere with the tools, and team that complements their treatment plan, so they can once again be in control and engaged in their care.

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A trained team of resilience coaches, dieticians and nurse educators available remotely to help navigate the challenges associated with living with a chronic condition and the human connection needed for members to achieve their goals.

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Evidence based tools and behavioral health techniques to help members leverage their strengths to optimize and sustain healthy self-management behaviors powered by the science of resilience.

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The TrellusElevate   Platform and mobile app connects members and their providers with the team and the tools needed to ensure all people living with a chronic condition have what they need to keep track of their health safely and securely at their fingertips.


​​Trellus Health Innovation Delivers Value to All Stakeholders in Healthcare

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Hear from Our Members and Partners


Trellus is what I wish I had when I was newly diagnosed with Crohn's disease. Every newly diagnosed patient should see what Trellus is about and start their IBD journey off on the right foot with the skills and support to develop resilience.

Mara S.

Thriving with Crohn's

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