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About Trellus Health

Personalized Self Management Support Designed by Experts, Proven by Science

We're transforming self-management by connecting the Science of resilience with technology to provide personalized support whenever and wherever.

chronic conditions
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chronic conditions


To elevate the quality and delivery of expert-driven whole person support for people with chronic conditions by fostering resilience, cultivating learning, and connecting all partners in care.

chronic conditions


A world where every person with a
chronic condition has hope and thrives.

chronic conditions


  • Empathy

  • Inclusivity

  • Strength

  • Optimism

  • Collaboation

  • Resilience

Our Founding Story

Doctors Marla Dubinsky and Laurie Keefer from Mount Sinai Hospital in New York invented a method that teaches patients with IBD and IBS to learn and build resilience, both physical and emotional. They proved that when mind and body are addressed together, patients thrive. To ensure that all patients, no matter where they receive their care, could access this new approach, the founded Trellus Health.

Behind our name

A trellis is a supportive structure that enables plants to flourish and grow. We have built a framework of support on the principles of connectivity and positivity. The "US" at the end of our name represents our dedication to community-that connecting people is an essential part of our mission and values. We empower and support you as you take back control of your health.

chronic conditions
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