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Trellus Health For Individuals With Crohn's Disease and Ulcerative Colitis

Live Healthier, Happier, Stronger, Together

We know you are more than just your symptoms, and we put you at the center of our whole person support. Our personalized programs will give you the tools and the team you need to manage your condition with confidence, take ownership of your health, focus on the things you care most about and live life to the fullest.

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Resilience for IBD is Resilience for Life!™️

At Trellus, resilience is not just a word, it's a movement. Together we will empower you to build the courage needed to face the challenges that each day brings; the strength to face those challenges head on, and the community to support you along the way.

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Build Strength

Skills and strategies to learn and take ownership of personal health needs, integrate illness into daily life, maintaining healthy lifestyle behaviors and health promoting activities to feel in control, knowledgeable and optimistic

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Build Courage

Skills and strategies to process and share emotions, confront change, turning adversity into opportunity and striving for personal growth and satisfaction to feel motivated, inspired and a sense of pride

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Build Community

Skills and strategies to create and maintain relationships with healthcare providers, make decisions collaboratively, build a healthy network of social support and create a community of peers to feel gratitude, nurtured, and a sense of belonging

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The Tools and Team you Need to Take Charge


Build Your Resilience


Prevent And Manage
Your Symptoms

Reduce Your Stress


Track Your Medications And Labs

Support Your Nutrition

Up-To-Date Health Maintenance Reminders

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How To Get Started

Become a Trellus Warrior with the action plan and mindset to thrive beyond your expectations


Start you free online Trellus Resilience Assessment


Receive a free virtual session with a Resiliency Expert to discuss your results and personalized resilience roadmap to help you manage your health and live a fuller life.


Enroll in Trellus Health and start taking charge of your health!

Still Have Questions?

Give us a call or text us at 1-800-989-5503

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Hear from Our Members


Trellus is what I wish I had when I was newly diagnosed with Crohn's disease. Every newly diagnosed patient should see what Trellus is about and start their IBD journey off on the right foot with the skills and support to develop resilience.

Mara S.

Thriving with Crohn's

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