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Trellus Health for Benefit Consultants

Empowering Employees to Master the Art of Self-Management

Our proven resilience based self-management solution cut across a variety of chronic conditions, leading to positive health behaviors and health outcomes at reduced costs

Trellus Health
Trellus Health

Empowering Employees with the Resilience and Self-Management Skills They Need To Stay Positive, Productive and Healthy

Trellus Health

Holistic Risk 

Our proprietary resilience score predicts unplanned health care utilization with a 90% positive predictive value so employers can now offer this wellness benefit to those most in need.

Trellus Health

Flexible Pricing Delivering
a Worthwhile ROI

Delivering personalized, affordable and integrated self-management programs to your high-risk, high-cost members proven to significantly lower unplanned health care utilization and improve outcomes.

Trellus Health

Improved Employee
Satisfaction and Productivity

The TrellusMethod TM is grounded in the science of involving your members and their providers in the successful collaborative management of their chronic condition and elevating the quality of care they receive.

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How We Partner with You, Your Employees, and Their Providers

Customized patient centric resilience training, dedicated coaching, nutritional counselling and self management programs targeting brain and gut

Trellus Health

Connected, Continuous Support

A dedicated team of trained resilience coaches, educators and dietitians collaborate with employees and their providers to navigate their personalized resilience roadmap to effective self-management.

Mastering Self-Management

Trellus delivers scientifically validated digital behavior change strategies, problem solving skills, goal setting, and the confidence employees need to take charge of their health, adhere to their clinical care plan and live well physically, emotionally, and socially.

Trellus Health
Trellus Health

Staying on Track

Proactive health tracking, customized health maintenance reminders and therapy related monitoring provide employees and their providers with standard of care guidance and education to support their treatment plan and keep them safely on their medications in between office visits.

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Start Empowering Your Employees Today!

Trellus Health
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Hear from Our Members and Partners

Trellus Health
Trellus Health

Trellus is what I wish I had when I was newly diagnosed with Crohn's disease. Every newly diagnosed patient should see what Trellus is about and start their IBD journey off on the right foot with the skills and support to develop resilience.

Mara S.

Thriving with Crohn's

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Interested in Learning More?

Discover more about our personalized resilience training and self-management support for individuals living with chronic conditions designed and delivered by experts, proven by science.

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